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Nowadays, with the increasing knowledge of physiological and pathologic cellular processes as well as extensive research on signaling pathways, interaction of cells through extracellular vesicles, development of organoids and their application in disease modeling and drug screening and also the advent of new technologies in cellular engineering and genetic manipulation, we have witnessed dramatic changes in the field of regenerative medicine and particularly cell therapy. 



By inviting world’s renowned physicians, researchers and remarkable scientists in various fields of medicine, biology, tissue engineering and also health-care investors; The Third International Congress on Science and Technologies of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, will be a platform for exchanging knowledge and technology and podium for presenting a wide range of topics including cutting edge studies as well as translational and applied research in the field of stem cell sciences and regenerative medicine.Proudly, all scientists, researchers and interested people in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine are invited to participate in this unique scientific event.


Main topics of the congress:



1. Applied Technologies for Stem Cell Research


2. Immune Cell Therapy  


3. Gene Therapy and Gene Editing


4. Organoids in Disease Modeling and Development


5. Pluripotency and Reprogramming


6. Biomaterials and Devices


7. Tissue Engineering


8. Cell Banking


9. Cell Signalling and Cell-Derived Vesicels


10. Clinical Trials and Regenerative Medicine Interventions


11. Commercialization of Cell-Based and Regenerative products

12. Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues 

Sponsors of the Festival

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