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The forces of globalization have always been seen as major determinants of the wealth of nations and of the world income distribution. Technology has accelerated many of these developments - and has been a significant driver of wealth creation in its own right.

Universities have a history based on the contribution to the advancement of knowledge and technology on the economic and social context of a country, through teaching, research and extension courses. The knowledge developed by students and researchers can lead to the interaction between different entities, including the government and companies, resulting in a technology transfer from the university to the market. Technology transfer can be considered a process which starts by the disclosure of an invention followed by its patent registration, licensing, commercial use of the licensed technology, and, finally, royalties received by the university. So it would be no exaggeration if one says that the "Tech-markets" are now as important as technologies themselves.

Tech-markets were, indeed, born near four decades ago in the late 1970s in East Asia. Countries such as Japan, China, and Hong Kong, which were not producers of technology themselves, mostly pursued the strategy of technology transfer and developed structures which later came to be known as "Tech-market" or "Techno-mart".

In the 3rd National Festival and International Congress on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, the Council for Stem Cell Sciences and Technologies has decided to organize a "Tech-market" to expedite innovative Ideas to the Market.

This will enable the growing community of researchers, entrepreneurs, and experts to find a place to promote their ideas from bench to bedside.

This would be the 3rd Tech-market in this field of science in Iran after the successful experience we had last year, which will hopefully create more investment opportunities in this area of science.

The Tech-market mostly concentrates on technology demands, raised by investors, business owners as well as the Council itself in all areas relating to stem cell sciences and regenerative medicine. This part of the festival is quite important as the Council has focused on developing and commercializing ideas and technologies relating to stem cells and regenerative medicine.

 The 3rd national Tech-market for stem cell and medical stem cell technology will be held on November 30th, 2018 at the International Conference Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Conference Hall No. 2). To register and submit your project see website: https://stemcell.isti.ir


The objectives of Tech-market:

Tech-market acts as an intermediary between market, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. It is also a platform to expedite idea to market. By Tech-market, the Council intends to select the leading active industries in stem cell sciences and regenerative medicine, and to prepare plans to propose to potential investors, offer practical solutions to solve problems ahead in initial plans, and to provide maximum support for technology promoters as well as idea owners.


Executive process

In order to enroll to the third national tech-market of stem cell and regenerative medicine, the owners of idea and technology should first register at the website of the festival (http://stemcellfestival.com/RegPersonel.aspx), then submit their proposal or product in the "tech-market" section in their own account. The deadline for submission is October 23rd, 2018. The top proposals will be selected based on the experts’ evaluation. In addition, in order to empower the participants in the tech-market, the workshop on "Commercialization and presentation of ideas and products to investors" will be held on the first half of November. Notably, the registration and participation in the tech-market and workshop are completely free. The workshop participants in will be familiar with the concepts of commercialization and the way of idea presentation to investors leading to get ready to become an impressive idea presenter in the "National Tech-market of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine" meeting.

The Council will not have any financial and intellectual benefits from the contracts, and the National Tech-Market will only aim to provide a platform for the interaction of investors and technology as well as the promotion and development of stem cell and regenerative medicine sciences and technologies.


Tech-Market topics

The development and commercialization of technology in all fields of science and technology, regardless of the priorities of the country, is not possible and can even prevent the development of a particular field. Therefore, the technology and commercialization department of the Council has chosen the important priorities to facilitate the development of technological projects. These priorities are divided into five main categories:

1-    Novel methods of cell therapy

2-    Novel methods of immunotherapy

3-    Novel methods of tissue engineering

4-    Screening and diagnosing kits

5-    Materials and equipment

Proposals which are presented in the Tech-Market should follow one of the mentioned priorities and be presented to the investors and funding organizations and companies at the meeting of the "National Tech-Market of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine".



The main topics are listed as follows:

1-    Human serums for clinical grades products

2-    Adherent-cell culture flask

3-    Cell isolation kits

4-    Virucidal approaches for human products

5-    Cell culture media

6-    Cell processing isolators

7-    Antibody and Fab production

8-    Synthetic skin grafts and biological wound dressing

9-    Novel cellular approaches in reproductive medicine

10-    Diagnosing kits based on organoid models

11-    Novel methods of immunotherapy

12-    Bone Grafts

13-    Heart valves and patches

14-    Production of cell growth factors

15-    Cell bioreactors

16-    3D bio-printers

17-    Specialized animal models

18-    Match allografts for ocular diseases

19-    Flow-cytometry

20-    Photopheresis



The Prosperous experiences of Techmarkt in 1396

First interview: the report of a successful experience in stem cell Techmarkt in 1396 and commercialization of EmbryoCul product.

 In report of public relations and international affairs of The Council for Stem Cell Sciences and Technologies , Dr. Mehdi Hadi, “New biologic drugs in the pharmaceutical industry” unit manager evinced successful experience of attending in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Techmarkt  and also explained the their cooperations with towfiq Daru company and The path to commercialization of their own product. Interview text explained as follow:

Dr. Hadi, hello and thanks for your time. Please explain your experience about attending Techmarkt of 2nd National Festival and International Congress on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine" in 1396.

I am Mehdi Hadi, graduated from Cellular Biology and for about 10 years I have been involved in stem cell research.

The product presented in 1396 in Techmarkt, was related to the project of Production of a specific culture medium for In vitro fertilization and the production of the embryo named MHRM. 

Fortunately, this project was noted by different investors in the pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment and eventually the contract for transferring of technical knowledge and commercial production was successfully conclude by Towfiq Daru Company. Towfiq Daru is a well-known company, the largest pharmaceutical research center in our country and a subcategory of TPICO. 

Would you mind clarifying the commercialization path of the mentioned product?

Commercialization of this product, from the research stage until Commercial production was done as following:  

First, accurate laboratory research based on the GLP principles, on the formulation of the intended culture medium and various experiments was performed and technical knowledge of manufacturing repeatable product was achieved, focused on the production of knowledge-based products. Second, desired qualitative control tests and preparation of production documentation, such as feasibility study and economic justification of project, was accomplished. Finally, the project was presented in Techmarkt of “2nd National Festival and International Congress on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine" in 1396. Then the laboratory phase was repeated with industrial standards for this product, supported by Towfiq Daru Company, in the industry sector and under appropriate conditions. After succeeding in laboratory production, the product reached the industrial production phase and now, given the need of the scientific community of the country, is ready to be sold. It should be noted that recently the contract for the provision of product dealership in Iran was also signed by Towfigh Daru Company.



It should be considered that in addition to my previous experiences in the field of scientific and specialized related to the product, my mastery over the concepts of MBA management, considering “To conduct research with the aim of knowledge-based production” has a significant role in producing and translation laboratory technical knowledge to the desired language of investors and also the beginning of negotiations and the process of product commercialization.  

What’s your opinion about Techmarkt meeting in 1396? How were your negotiations with investors and what did you conclude?

 Fortunately, this product has reached the final stages of commercial production on the verge of coming Techmarkt in 1397 and by the EmbryoCul brand, it will enter the Iranian market. 

The predictions indicate, considering the prosperous experience of Towfiq Daru Company on the export of medicine and the conclusion of international contracts, the potential and the possibility of exporting this product to foreign countries is possible. 

In spite of the fact that before proposing a design for Techmarkt, a proposal to negotiate the production of a product by an American company was also posed to me, but with the support of Iranian investors, the product has reached to commercial production in country. Undoubtedly, this pathway has been realized through participation in Techmarkt in 2nd National Festival and International Congress on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine,   

Finally, what is your advice to researchers in terms of commercializing research findings?

In Iran, valuable projects are underway at universities and research centers. Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper translation of knowledge into the language of the industry by researchers, few research projects succeed in contracting with industry and commercial production. Sometimes, Successful research projects are not accepted in industry, due to lack of proper market research or failure to manage potential risks. Undoubtedly, research projects designed and implemented on the basis of the requirements of the industry will be considered by investors in this section.

In my opinion, considering current state of the country, It is better for the researchers to plan some research proposals from the outset on the basis of the production of technical knowledge for the creation of a product and with a productive look and in the true sense of the transformation of knowledge into wealth. Researchers, in consultation with the industry, can make a better future for their research projects and also to meet the strategic research and production goals of the country.

Finally, I hope, by cooperation with the Industry and Research Division of the country, and also government institutions, in support of national production and resilient economy, great success in producing Iranian products would achieve.







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In the name of God

Development of science and technology is one of the most important policies mentioned by the Supreme Leader, which guarantees country's growth and prosperity.

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In the name of the creator

The 3rd National Festival and the International Congress on Stemcells andregenerative medicine is a scientific and technological event that with the trust in the Almighty Allah and with the help of scholars and experts in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular sciences will be a turning point in the country’s developments based on modern technologies. 

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