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The forces of globalization have always been seen as major determinants of the wealth of nations and of the world income distribution. Technology has accelerated many of these developments - and has been a significant driver of wealth creation in its own right. Communications technology, including the Internet, mobile and social media, has enabled a dramatic surge in economic growth and allowed ideas, business models and information to flow freely around the world.


This has enabled significant changes in efficiency and productivity and opened up opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners to generate new ventures and scale them globally at an unprecedented pace.


Universities have a history based on the contribution to the advancement of knowledge and technology on the economic and social context of a country, through teaching, research and extension courses. The knowledge developed by students and researchers can lead to the interaction between different entities, including the government and companies, resulting in a technology transfer from the university to the market. Technology transfer can be considered a process which starts by the disclosure of an invention followed by its patent registration, licensing, commercial use of the licensed technology, and, finally, royalties received by the university. So it would be no exaggeration if one says that the “Tech-markets” are now as important as technologies themselves.


Tech-markets were, indeed, born near four decades ago in the late 1970s in East Asia. Countries such as Japan, China, and Hong Kong, which were not producers of technology themselves, mostly pursued the strategy of technology transfer and developed structures which later came to be known as “Tech-market” or “Techno-mart”.

In the 3rd National Festival and International Congress on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, the Council has decided to organize a “Tech-market” to expedite innovative Ideas to the Market.

This will enable the growing community of researchers, entrepreneurs, and experts to find a place to promote their ideas from bench to bedside.

This would be the 3rd Tech-market in this field of science in Iran after the successful experience we had last year, which will hopefully create more investment opportunities in this area of science.

The Tech-market mostly concentrates on technology demands, raised by investors, business owners as well as the Council itself in all areas relating to stem cell sciences and regenerative medicine. This part of the festival is quite important as the Council has focused on developing and commercializing ideas and technologies relating to stem cells and regenerative medicine.


The objectives of Tech-market:

Tech-market acts as an intermediary between market, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. It is also a platform to expedite Idea to Market. By Tech-market, the Council intends to select the leading active industries in stem cell sciences and regenerative medicine, and to prepare plans to propose to potential investors, offer practical solutions to solve problems ahead in initial plans, and to provide maximum support for technology promoters as well as idea owners.

Sponsors of the Festival

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