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The number of Iranian professors, as well as doctoral and postdoctoral scholars in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine in high-rank universities of United States, Europe, Australia and Asia, is quite significant. Therefore, it is crucial to communicate with them in order to benefit from their vast knowledge and capabilities to develop this field of science and technology in Iran.


The Innovation Think Tank has been established under the Council for Development of Stem Cell Sciences and Technologies to collaborate with Iranian scientists in this area of science. 






1. Getting to know Iranian stem cell scientists and young researchers aimed at facilitating communication, and exchange of ideas on how to resolve the challenges ahead and push the frontiers of this field of knowledge forward.


2. Establishing communication links with young Iranian stem cell researchers living abroad.


3. Benefiting from experiences of qualified stem cell researchers and developing links between experienced senior and young researchers in the field.


4. Inviting Iranian scientists and researchers abroad to participate in the annual festivals of the Council to share their accomplishments and experiences with their local peers in workshops, this can help us transfer those technologies to the local scientific community.



5. Following up the latest findings, developments and international strategies in the area of stem cells to translate them into new stem cell strategies and priorities for the country.


6. Encouraging Iranian scientists and researchers residing abroad to come back home, either permanently or temporarily, to cooperate with the local scientific institutions in the field.

7. Supporting novel ideas in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine.

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