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The 3rd National Festival and the International Congress on Stemcells and

regenerative medicine is a scientific and technological event that with the trust in the Almighty Allah and with the help of scholars and experts in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular sciences will be a turning point in the country’s developments based on modern technologies.


The holding of this national festival and international congress will provide an opportunity for decision makers of the health sector of the country, professors, researchers in the fields of medical sciences, basic sciences and engineering, Industry owners and capital of medicine and medical equipment, entrepreneurs, producers  and other activists in this field to pave the way for the formation of third-generation universities with their effective presence and presentation of scientific and technology-based ideas so that on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the glorious Islamic

Revolution ,another golden event will be added to the honors of the Islamic system.


We celebrate the scientific achievements of the last ten years in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular technology at the Third National festival and the International Congress on Stem cells and regenerative medicine, while witnessing a clear horizon for accelerated scientific progress of the country and believe that this moving forward will surpass the boundaries of knowledge in the near future, will illuminate the glow of hope for treating serious illnesses in the heart of the sick and will create new dimensions of scientific achievements in the medical field. We Hope that with the active and effective participation of all those who are interested in the development of science and technology and the progress and excellence of our beloved homeland, in this national festival and international congress, we once again bring the scholarly competencies of our country to the fore and the proud flag of the Islamic homeland On the peaks of scientific advancement and technology development.


Undoubtedly, the strategic knowledge of the stem cells and regenerative medicine that have been gained by efforts of Iranian scholars and students has provided a clear path to reach the peaks of science and technology up to international levels, and can provide excellence to the scientific status of Iranian universities and science centers. We believe that with the perseverance and effort of all the compassionate, decision-makers of this field, we will see a great development in the country's scientific and research area, in the near future, and the outcome of these efforts is the creation of work space for young and sensational researchers, The development of startups and newly established knowledge-based companies and fulfilling the constructive ideas toward the formation of third-generation universities, which will ultimately lead to a constructive and effective development of health in the attainment of these excellent goals.


I once again honor the presence of all loved ones and prominent companions at the 3rd National Festival and the International Congress of Stem cells & regenerative medicine, and demand successes for high-minded scholars and people from the only and one creator and Universe.



Dr. Amir Ali Hamidieh

Head of the Department of Stem Cell Science and Technology Development



Sponsors of the Festival

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