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 In the name of God



Development of science and technology is one of the most important policies mentioned by the Supreme Leader, which guarantees country's growth and prosperity. 

The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology aims to expand entrepreneurship ecosystem in the field of hi-tech sciences including stem cell sciences and regenerative medicine with focusing on the development and commercialization of ideas and knowledge-based products.


Graduates and researchers are one of the most valuable assets of countries and are particularly in the focus of policy makers. Much of the progress and success in science, technology and economics is made by these important sectors of the society. 

Our country’s economy has been mostly reliant on oil income by selling crude oil for many years. This type of economy masters us to neglect one of the most important resources of the country “the human capital”

Human capital and economic growth have a strong relationship. Human capital has a pivotal role in economic growth and can help to promote an economy through the knowledge and skills. 

Hence, in the past few years, the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has been trying hard to disseminate this attitude. 

We envision that in the next 10 years or so, the infrastructure provided during the recent years, of which the knowledge-based companies are among the top list, will have the potential to generate significant employments.

On this ground and by considering the creativity and entrepreneurship, our young scientists will pave way for nation's progress.


Self-esteem refers to a person's beliefs about their own worth and value. Self-esteem is important because it heavily influences people's choices and decisions.

Lack of self esteem in a society has widely spread a consequence, that’s why it is quite important to help internal entrepreneurs build up self-esteem.


The key objective of "The third national festival and international congress on stem cell and regenerative medicine" is to communicate science, technology and medical research between academia, researchers and industry through inspiring sessions and tons of networking.


Mastering the knowledge of stem cell provides international dignity and brings in many employment opportunities.


At the end, I would like to thank the executive and scientific committees of the festival, and I honor the participation of all activists in the field of stem cells at the 3rd National Festival and the International Congress of Stem cells & regenerative medicine.




Sorna Sattari; PhD

Vice President for Science and Technology

Head of the Council for Development of Stem Cell Sciences and Technology, Islamic Republic of Iran

Sponsors of the Festival

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