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Dear lovers of the science and my thoughtful friends,






Researches in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cells including the fundamental studies of science limits, studied over the animal behavior and medical practices through applying the world's cutting-edge technologies and with the purpose of prevention,identification and treatment of diseases has opened up new horizons toward identification, controlling and curing of many degenerative diseases.

Toward this scientific leap and also aside the other countries, in Iran, the headquarters of stem cells, backed up with rich backgrounds and experiences of more than 20 years of research on stem cell and also supporting newly established knowledge based companies in this field, holding seminars and international symposiums had a great impact in this field.

The headquarters of stem cells in science and technology's Vice presidential is honored to host well-known scientists and thinkers from all over the world for the third consecutive year in diverse fields of medicine and biology in the third national festival and international congress of stem cells and regenerative medicine on November 24th to December 1st 2018 in Tehran, the capital city of Ancient Iran.


The scientific subjects of Congress contain a wide range of modern topics including recent advances in tissue engineering and biomaterials, cell banks, cell therapy, immune cell therapy, gene therapy, ethical
considerations, genetic manipulations, organoids and their application in disease modeling and genesis, strengthening and cellular reprogramming and introducing  new technologies used in stem cell researches.

It needs to be mentioned that the crucial aim of this year's festival is gathering young intellectuals in various fields of medicine, biology and engineering, holding workshops, scientific meetings, identifying and
introducing product-oriented idea owners to investors and also introducing new domestic and foreign companies which are active in the field of stem cells.

It would be my honor to invite you scientists, researchers, healthcare investors, students and all interested people in this field to augment this congress's scientific richness by your presence.



Dr. Nasser Aghdami.,

Head of Scientific Committee of the 3rd National Festival and International Congress of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine



Chairman Welcome Message

In the name of God

Development of science and technology is one of the most important policies mentioned by the Supreme Leader, which guarantees country's growth and prosperity.

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General Secretary Welcome Message

In the name of the creator

The 3rd National Festival and the International Congress on Stemcells andregenerative medicine is a scientific and technological event that with the trust in the Almighty Allah and with the help of scholars and experts in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular sciences will be a turning point in the country’s developments based on modern technologies. 

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Sponsors of the Festival

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